Third Vision Background Searches

Background Screening


Social Security Trace

  • Identity Validation: SSN Verification
  • Instant search used to determine in which counties to conduct a criminal history search. An extremely powerful, effective, and revealing search; can help indicate whether the SSN is likely accurate or not and a good supplemental tool for locating addresses linked to the applicant that may have been omitted from the application purposely. Reported information generally includes: names, DOB’s, addresses as used in commerce; validation that the SSN was issued and the death index status

National Search

  • Contains over 720 national and international sources from criminal repositories, sex offender registries, and security watch-lists including Terrorist and Fugitive Information) should be used as a supplement or pre-screen option; re-verification is suggested to confirm subject identity and current disposition.

Federal Criminal Record Search

  • Most are name only matches. Not found in county or state repositories; only found by searching the 94 Federal Judicial Districts in the US. Reports Federal court information including acts which have been made criminal by Federal law such as: homicide, robbery of a bank, immigration, firearm charges, certain sex offenses, tax evasion, interstate kidnapping, embezzlement, interstate drug trafficking, and crimes aboard an aircraft.
  • Ordered per district, state, or as a nationwide search.

State Criminal Record

  • Ordered per state; not all states have a repository and many states lack a process for keeping the repository up-to-date and accurate. Should be followed up with a county criminal record search in all known areas of residence to ensure a complete scope of screening.

National Sex Offender Registry

  • Typically contains information on individuals who have committed sexually violent offenses against adults and children, as well as certain sexual contact and other crimes against victims who are minors.
  • Ordered as a nationwide search or per state. Monthly monitoring available.
  • Super Search* – Instant Nationwide Criminal and Sex Offender Search, 27 National Security Sources (including Terrorist and Fugitive Information)

National Wants & Warrants

  • A database of records collected from various states, counties, and law enforcement agencies revealing if a person has an outstanding warrant; however, it is not all-inclusive. Should be followed up with a county criminal record search for re-verification to confirm the information reported.

Motor Vehicle Report

  • Normally requested on an employee that will be traveling for a company or if driving is a function of their employment. A CDL license is required to operate vehicles with a gross weight of 26,001 lb. or more. Reported information differs per state but generally includes: validation of the license number, status of license, and any accidents, traffic citations, or suspensions.
  • May provide insight to vehicle-related criminal convictions and/or DUI type convictions that may not be found elsewhere.

Workers Comp Check

  • Search provides detailed information regarding the filing of an applicant’s prior Workers Compensation Claims and injuries; records can only be searched after a conditional job offer is made.
  • Reported information generally includes: person filing claim, address/SSN on file, filing number, employer, insurance carrier, accident, claim, disability dates, type of accident, part of body injured, name of attorney, and settlement details.

Office of Inspector General (OIG)

  • This is important to many institutional heath care providers because the Congress of the US established a Civil Monetary Penalty for institutions that knowingly hire excluded parties. Commonly used to identity parties that have been investigated and found to have violated the fraud and abuse laws resulting in their exclusion from participation in Medicare, Medicaid, or other federal health care programs.
  • Ordered per individual or entity name; search of the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE).

License Verification

  • Ordered per profession/state – can be professional or occupational license. Normally requested because the license is a requirement for employment. Reported information generally includes: license holder’s current name, address, type, number, status, and issue/expiration dates.

Reference Verification

  • Ordered per source – can be personal or professional. Our research criteria consist of a 6-question inquiry focused towards establishing the applicant’s the work capacity. Please keep in mind some companies have outside businesses who they employ to have such questions answered. These companies do charge us a fee that we pass on that fee to you. There is no up-charge or extra cost as it is the cost they charge us. Depending upon who the company uses, it may show up on your next statement.

Employment Verification

  • Confirms information provided by the applicant and employment history. Ordered per employee; only factual information is obtained.

Education Verification

  • Generally completed on the highest level of education; it is essential to have the name used at the time of attendance. Information obtained through the registrar’s office or institution responsible.

Department of Transportation Verification

  • For DOT compliance, verify transportation history to ensure applicant is ready to operate a company vehicle. Research questions include: general performance for previous work, safe vehicle operation, accident history, substance abuse history, etc. All questions comply with DOT regulations.


We are contracted with the best drug screening companies available

  • 5-Panel and 10-Panel Drug Tests
  • Generally conducted under any of the following circumstances: post-accident, pre-employment, reasonable suspicion/cause, and random.
  • Both 5-panel and 10-panel drug screening tests are available: 5-panel – Amphetamine, Cocaine, Opiates, Phencyclidine, and Marijuana; with nitrates check. 10-panel – Amphetamine, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Methadone, Methamphetamines, Opiates, Phencyclidine, Propoxyphene, and Marijuana; with nitrates check.
  • Screening can be administered at more than 2000 conveniently located locations. Patient service centers are located across the country.

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