What’s This About Negligent Hiring?

So, it’s finally vacation time. You and your family can’t wait to get to that awesome destination and have some fun in the sun. You board the plane and take your seats, buckle up and wait to be told you’re ready for takeoff. But wait. Do you really ever think “who is flying this plane? This is a reputable airline but how do I know they have the qualifications and skills to fly this gigantic aircraft! We assume the company they work for knows; after all they “are” in the pilot seat., but did they background check the individual? Do they know his time flying planes? Is there a log that documents that? Does the airline randomly have their staff do drug and alcohol screens?

Now the plane is moving and its taking off fast……!!! Your thoughts may even be “I sure pray this person knows what they’re doing.

Now think about this is another situation. It’s your business. Negligent hiring should be a huge concern for businesses owners. Under the theory of negligent hiring, if the employer knew, or should have known, of the risk presented by the applicant, the employer can be held liable. Most negligent hiring lawsuits maintain that the employer failed to conduct appropriate research, such as a criminal record history, employment verification and other background information, that would have disclosed the applicant’s past misconduct, and that, therefore, the employer was negligent for putting a person with criminal or other inappropriate tendencies, in a position where they could pose a threat to co-workers, customers or members of the general public.

Consequences of negligent hiring may result in:

  • Lawsuits from injured or victimized employees or clients.
  • Wrongful termination lawsuits.
  • Loss of profits or sales.
  • Increased insurance costs.
  • Diminished business reputation.

With both situations a comprehensive background check could save lives, money and aggravation. A background screening policy put into place can certainly defer the wrong type of candidates applying but also insure customers and staff that every reasonable effort has been taken for the safety of everyone.

For many hiring managers and business owners, the cost of performing background check is a small price to pay for the peace of mind afforded to them when making a job offer to a new hire. The cost of a bad hire can be staggering. Even for small businesses, the costs can run into the tens of thousands of dollars when you factor in money spent hiring, damaged relationships with clients, the strain on your work culture that hurts productivity, work that needs to be redone, training etc.

Finally keep in mind how safe you want to feel with the companies you associate with either personally or in business. Do the costs associated with background checks out weight the advantages? Do your homework and check around to different background screening agencies for prices, turnaround times and what background checks they offer. You will find most are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.